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Cindy Thompson

Certified Executive Coach, Psy. M. & Possibilitarian

Through coaching, you can celebrate your originality and remember the gifts that got you there.

Over the past 30 years I have had the privilege of diving into the psychology behind human relationships, communication, and self-development. In witnessing amazing transformation among thousands of individuals, I have great confidence in human potential. Every one of my clients is creative, resourceful and whole. 

Bringing these insights and skills to the coaching relationship, I want to discover not just where you are now, but where you are going to be. From our first conversation we are building on a foundation of trust, respect and safety for transformational conversations to occur.

Taking a solution focused approach to each conversation, we are relying on the strengths, wisdom and experience that have informed you to date.  These become the guiding force behind your decisions and allow you to shine a light on those ideas yet to be explored.

As a leadership coach I see myself as a Possibilitarian. In the words of Norman Vincent Peale – “No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities. Always see them, for they’re always there”

Graduating from the school of psychiatric nursing in 1988, and Brandon University in 1989 with a BGS, this initial training prepared me for a lengthy career in mental health.  In 2005 I graduated with a Master of Science in Psychology from Capella University, and in 2020 completed the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University.  Having built a private counselling practice over the past 16 years, I am very excited to complement this experience with a coaching practice. 

With coaching, you can pursue your endless potential.

Robert Thompson​

Certified Executive Coach, Former RCMP Leader & Lifelong Learner

Do you want to uncover what might hold you back, discover hidden possibilities and create the space to find simple solutions to unique problems?

Coaching is a necessary investment for anybody who is set on reaching the top in their field. It is often difficult to shift from your routine towards investing in yourself. If you’re willing to take a deep dive to learn about your challenges and potential, then coaching could be the right next step for you.

As a visionary, I appreciate the gifts associated with big ideas, unleashing creativity, and exploring beyond traditional boundaries.

I am excited to be a part of leaving the world in a better place for our next generations to live. As a certified executive coach, I partner with leaders who are focused and energized about creating a sustainable future for our planet. 
With over 30 years in the telecommunications industry, I bring a natural interest in working with leaders in the field of innovation and technology. As a leader with the RCMP, my experience involved navigating a fast-paced, ever-changing field that was often critical to saving lives. With insight into managing a strong team, building relationships and developing leadership, I can help leverage your potential.

Over the past 14 years as a leadership coach, I’ve discovered how innovation is a driving force for responsible economic growth and the passion you can have for something you believe in. My passion is helping you develop the courage to set monster goals, the bravery to take swift action, and grow in your leadership. If you’re fuelled by results and quitting is not in your DNA, then coaching can be the next step for your professional growth. Are you ready to start on a journey where inspiration takes root and dreams are realized.

Explore whether coaching is the right fit for you.​

Cindy was able to guide me through some of the barriers I faced mentally as a new manager, and I now have a fresh approach to many of my duties. Cindy is very thoughtful, a great listener, and creates a safe, welcoming atmosphere for two-way discussion.

– Adam Cochrane

I had the privilege of engaging Cindy for a speaking engagement for the Oceanside Women’s Business Network (OWBN). Cindy rose to the challenge of conveying large, robust concepts in a very short time frame in a manner that was both accessible to the audience and engaging. Her calm demeanor, breadth of knowledge and compassion make her both a true professional, but someone I am proud to have in my network.

– Terri Duguay

Cindy is like a warm hug that encourages you to reach for what you need. She asks thought provoking questions and holds space for uncovering the truth. Her experience, approach and personality make her such a uniquely gifted coach.

–  Lindsay Austin